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Residential Grease Trap Service In Chicago

Chicago Residential Grease Trap Service

Residential Grease Trap Services in Chicago

There are a lot of things on your “honey-do” list for your home or residence and there’s a good chance that cleaning out the grease trap isn’t one of them! When you need your residential grease trap cleaned and pumped, give Chicago Grease Trap Cleaning a call and we’ll take care of this task for you!

Our team of grease trap service technicians in Chicagoland are all professionally trained to suck out and haul away any and all grease waste from your residential grease traps. The trucks and tools available to our team are state-of-the-art and each team member specially trained to get the job done without undo trouble to you or your house!

No matter what the size, shape, or overall condition of your residential grease trap, our team can take care of it all. By keeping your residential grease trap cleaned and maintained, your home will run more smoothly and your drainage system will remain efficient.

Your residential grease trap is designed with one thing in mind: preventing fat, oils, grease, and debris from getting into the drains and sewer lines. Letting all that waste overflow because of a clogged or poorly maintained grease trap can end with an expensive repair bill for your sewer system and a swampy backyard where your grease trap is usually located!

Dealing with all that built-up grease and waste requires some specific tools and each of Chicago Grease Trap Cleaning’s trucks have pressure cleaning equipment that effectively removes grease and waste! Cleaning off the walls and interior surfaces of your grease trap keeps things flowing smoothly and won’t allow for a rancid smell to creep up into your house.

Our team also does high pressure hydro-jet rodding! This is specifically designed to remove grease or scale from the drain pipes so you have your original size pipe diameter to work with again. After you get in touch with our team, our contractors can recommend the best time to get your grease trap jet rodded!

Each truck in our fleet is outfitted with the equipment necessary to handle grease trap and catch basin servicing needs! We’ll come to you for an estimate and get you on a schedule for regular cleaning and jetting so you can scratch one thing off your “honey-do” list with ease!

Not only will our team come on a regular basis for cleaning and maintenance, we’re available for emergency service 24/7. If you’re dealing with an overflow or back-up issue with your grease trap, we’ll get things set to rights in an emergency!

To get started with an estimate or on a schedule for grease trap cleaning, give us a call at 312-626-4040!

Do’s and Don’ts of Grease Trap Maintenance

The best thing you can do for your residential grease trap, is get on a regular schedule of cleaning and maintenance! But in the in between times, there’s several things you can do to make sure things work the way they should and that you avoid fines, sewer back-ups and other issues.

Do: Hire Professionally

Dealing with a residential grease trap can be a tricky situation and the best thing you can do to keep things flowing is hire professional contracts like Chicago Grease Trap Cleaning! Our team is trained, licensed, and insured so you know things will be done right. You’ll never have to worry about waste being dumped in the water system and a serious fine coming your way with our team of professionals.

Don’t: Forget to Have Your Grease Trap Cleaned on a Regular Basis

There are many different theories when it comes to grease trap cleaning and most center around only cleaning your grease trap, residential or commercial, a couple times a year. The best way to keep your grease trap flowing correctly is to have it cleaned on a regular basis according to your local regulations! Our team knows and understands the Chicago regulations for your area and can help you create a plan to get on a great cleaning schedule.

Do: Make Sure Your Grease Trap is Properly Installed

Even if you had your grease trap installed by some other company, it may not have been installed properly and if you’re dealing with issues, this is a great place to start looking for solutions! The team at Chicago Grease Trap Cleaning can ensure that your grease trap is properly installed and if not, correct the problem.

Don’t: Use Enzymes or Solvents to Clean your Grease Trap

While cleaning the grease trap may be on your “honey-do” list, it’s best to avoid trying to do it yourself and leave it to the professionals. Enzymes and solvents may get some surface level cleaning done and help get rid of a smell that may be emanating from the grease trap, it can end up causing grease waste to flow into the water system. Calling in a team of professionals like Chicago Grease Trap Cleaning will make sure your grease trap is cleaned and ready for the rest of your season!

Do: Make Sure Your Line Jetting is Done by a Professional

Cleaning out your grease trap lines and pipes with some water may seem really simple but line jetting takes a professional to be done properly! By pumping water through a hose at high pressure, in a circular motion, the grease and build-up is expelled and safely disposed of.

Frequently Asked Questions

While your home may have a grease trap, there’s a good chance you don’t know much about it! Before you give the team at Chicago Grease Trap Cleaning a call, learn a little bit more about what we do and how it can benefit your home and kitchen!

Where Are Residential Grease Traps Found?

Residential grease traps are found in all kinds of homes from single-family dwellings to condos, townhouses, apartments, and anywhere else you can think of! Grease traps are located underground, typically at the back of the building. These grease traps can have a capacity of 300-500 gallons depending on the size of the building and how much use it will see.

How Often Does My Grease Trap Need to Pumped?

According to the City of Chicago ordinance, grease traps need to be pumped out annually and for residential grease traps, vacuum removal is the best process. You’ll know you need to get your residential grease trap serviced if you start to notice a smell or back up and you can then call Chicago Grease Trap Cleaning!

What Happens If a Grease Trap Isn’t Cleaned Out?

Besides a rancid smell, you’re likely going to end up with some clogs, overflows, or back-ups into your home or yard. This can cause major issues for your home and may end up leaking into the water system which can leave you with serious fines. Avoid the issue entirely by getting on a regular cleaning schedule with Chicago Grease Trap Cleaning!



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