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We offer professional grease trap cleaning services, which are provided by highly skilled experts. Throughout Chicago, restaurant owners tend to have kitchens equipped with heavy-duty pipes capable of handling a lot of food particles, sludge, grease, and so forth. Gone are the days when businesses relied on the most basic types of plumbing installations. 

Heavy-duty pipe systems are more efficient in terms of energy consumption. Not only that, but they can help keep restaurants on good terms with the health department. The major downside to this system is the cleaning involved. 

There are several things your industrial kitchen should have, with one being a powerful vacuum system. Such a system will pump out the vast amounts of sludge in the grease trap, while at the same time doing it at max efficiency. Our Chicago grease trap cleaning services can provide your industrial kitchen with the appropriate vacuum system. 

Besides that, we are equipped with waste collection trucks, a team of experts who know what they are doing, and the right equipment. If you hire us to clean your traps, you can rest assured we will do a good job and ensure everything is properly removed. What this means for you is less stress and headaches, and you could end up increasing your profits.

Grease trap pumping: Do you need it

Several practices can help you maintain a grease trap. Remember, it is of the utmost importance to keep a clean grease trap. The bottom line is all industrial kitchens should have their grease traps cleaned. 

Generally speaking, food serving businesses need to manually clean their traps or use anti-sludge compounds in Chicago. However, you might need a pump to clean out the trap. Some of the conditions that call for a pump include: 

  • The consistency and viscosity of the grease and oil
  • The grease trap’s capacity
  • How much food you produce each hour

The amount of non-fried dishes vs. greasy fried dishes you prepare

How much does it cost to pump your grease pump

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all price for manually pumped grease trap services. This is because most food businesses vary in the way they do things. Generally speaking, installing a grease trap or cleaning a basic trap can be given a standard rate. However, it’s the actual pumping part that can cause varying costs. 

Where the grease trap is located is another crucial factor in how much the service costs. If the vacuum truck has to park far from the trap, then the price can be more. This is because more work is involved and setting everything up can take longer. 

As you can see, there are various pricing factors. It really comes down to logistics and setup time. Those two factors can keep prices low or high.

Maintaining a periodic pumping schedule

Many new business owners of restaurants tend to think they don’t need to prioritize pumping out their grease traps. They believe other maintenance tasks are far more critical. Still, this way of thinking can result in significant problems. For starters, you might have to pay for after-hours cleaning and pumping in the event you are faced with an emergency. Furthermore, you can be hit with a health violation if your trap becomes clogged. This is thought of as a potential health hazard. 

The bottom line is the above can cost you a lot of money. This is why you should maintain a periodic pumping schedule. You can avoid a lot of problems by doing this. 

Do you want peace of mind? This goes for both your workers and your business, as well as the health of customers and anyone else going into your establishment. If you answered yes, then make sure to give us a call. 

Our grease trap cleaning and pumping services are the best in Chicago. Remember, most restaurants throughout Chicago have plumbing systems that are large and heavy-duty. This is why you should contact us to schedule a time to go to your location to pump your grease trap. Our system can save you both time and money because of how effective and efficient it is.

Here at Chicago Grease Trap Services, we have several vacuum pumping systems of different specifications and sizes. In short, our equipment and the team can handle your kitchen, regardless of how small or large it is. However, our specialty is more extensive industrial food operations. 

We employ a team of experts who have access to equipment that can be used to pump and clean your grease traps. We use the best and most modern vehicles designed for removing waste. If you want to keep your profits coming in, you need to make sure your grease trap system is in good shape, and it needs to keep flowing smoothly. This is precisely why you should give us a call today to book an appointment.



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